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The puppets in India are one of the famous resources of entertainment inside the country. The artwork of puppetry is practiced via a network of rural people of Rajasthan(a state in India). For entertaining purpose, puppet performance is always been an interesting show for people in which there are a some of wooden dummy dolls on a miniature stage that dressed up in shiny and colorful attires and are connected with strings, and the puppeteer uses the strings to move them around but hiding the movements from general public. Loud beats at the Dholak (a form of drum) and other musical instru-ments are also a part of the show. Vinod who himself is a puppeteer belongs to Rajasthan- a state of the country. Vinod not only organizes a show but also makes and sells puppets for living, This is an ancestral business of Vinod and his family which his family has been performing this art from the ancient times.

Hath-kaghaz (Making of Handmade paper)

With great Craftsmanship skills, the creators of recycled handmade paper have been successful in giving the finest of handcrafted paper merchandise. Including various forms of artwork papers like texture, silk, floral, flower petals, embroidery, embossed, Batik, gift wrapping papers and rolls, and so forth. Products which incorporates sheets, Handmade Paper Bags, Sacks, bottle bags, boxes Handmade Notebook Journals, Photo Albums, handmade paper Gift Boxes,, Chocolate Boxes, etc. All the products are handmade, guaranteed environmentally friendly, and acid-loose. But the fact of these beautiful products are that the process is somehow difficult to make in which the process includes chopping, beating, pressing, drying, and cutting of paper. Each and every step requires a lot of efforts, and a long period of time.

Kastham kala

Meet Arjun. Who makes small wooden sculptures and key-chains. The caring father of three young-sters. Arjun crafts each wooden piece by his hand and make sure every piece should be beautifully made and craved according to the given size and structure. He believes every individual has some hidden talent, but we need to give it a bit of time, to convert into perfection. Still, Arjun felt that his keen passion for wooden craft is somehow diminish because of not getting the real value of his work. Through Hunnarshala he wants to create the beautiful crafted piece of his a utility and desire to develop the same skill in his Childrens.

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